Jamaa Birth Village Team

Jamaa Birth Village is a dynamic maternal health organization with a small & mighty core staff. Meet the Women who make Jamaa the warm, serene, community-care space that it is.

Okunsola M. Amadou

Okunsola M. Amadou, CPM

Founder & CEO

Okunsola M. Amadou, a Fulani-American Midwife, is the Founder and CEO of Jamaa Birth Village. Affectionately known as "Tru", Okunsola is initiated into the Yoruba Isese religion as an Olokun (Mami Wata) Olorisha (Initiated Priestess of the Orisa). During Okunsola's rites of passage, she received her traditional face markings, representing her nobility and position of royalty in her lineage.

She founded Jamaa Birth Village in 2015, in her Ferguson, MO living room, starting the St. Louis Black Doula movement and growing the St. Louis Black Doula community from 5 to 200+ in 5-years through her Community Doula Training, the city's first Black written, created and taught community-based doula training. In 2018, Okunsola created the St. Louis Doulas of Color Collective, which now boasts a thriving membership of 40+ Black Doulas and is home to Missouri’s first BIPOC Doula directory.

Jamaa Birth Village Team Doulas

Jamaa Birth Village provides Doula care services for BIPOC pregnant people who are both low-risk and high-risk, for both medicated and unmedicated births, at any birthing location such as home, birth center or hospital. We currently offer sliding scale and pro-bono services via Doula care scholarships for low-income and unemployed people. Insurance is accepted for those receiving Missouri Medicaid via Healthy Blue or those with FSA accounts via private insurance.


Phyllis miller

Certified Doula

Phyllis Miller, CD, is a certified full spectrum doula (preconception–postpartum), licensed clinical social worker and certified EMDR trauma therapist.  Her experience in social service has been working to promote child well-being, empowering women, and strengthening families.  Phyllis was trained and certified as a culturally congruent, full spectrum doula at Jamaa Birth Village.  As a doula, she feels it is her responsibility to work towards ending racial disparities confronting Black women specific to maternal and infant health.  She is committed to advocating and supporting women to have the birthing experience they envision.


Carmen hines

Certified Doula

Carmen Hines, CD, I am certified as a Holistic full spectrum Doula, trained through Jamaa Birth village , a Certified  Personal Trainer , including group fitness coaching and Accountability coaching, and a former childcare provider.  Health and Wellness is very important to me , and providing service is where much Joy has been found! As a BIPOC, ABAR trained doula, I believe in full body autonomy for all people, and take pride in being able to be an advocate, and support space for families, helping them learn and grow through experience. Cannot wait to see you soon!


Cushena Woods

Certified Doula

Cushena Woods, CD,  is a full-spectrum doula trained at Jamaa Birth Village in April 2021. Apart from being a doula, "Shena" is a mother of 5, and is currenlty  studying to become a Certified Professional Midwife through the Midwives College of Utah.  With experience as a nurse and instructor, she brings many years of expertise to her Doula care services. She enjoys teaching, reading, and movie nights & Sunday dinners with her family. "Being a full-spectrum doula allows me to start this journey from conception until your child's 1st birthday. I want to be there during this time to be the center that keeps you grounded. During our care we create a bond that will always be a part of my heart and memories."

Adrianne Blakemore certified doula

Adrianne Blakemore

Certified Doula

Adrianne Blakemore, CD As ACE the doula I will provide support to mothers and their family unit to add, sharpen, and repair their tools in their toolbox when bringing a baby into this world. My mission is to create a brave space for mothers to be vulnerable, to relax, and to release their journey into motherhood. My mission for families is to be a coach and an anchor in providing care to mother and the unborn child.

Carmen Shelton Doula

Carmen Shelton

Certified Doula

Carmen Shelton, CD (she/her) is a trained and certified wholistic doula through Jamaa Birth Village (trained in 2021). Carmen believes that birth is the most sacred and natural journey a mama can embark upon, and this journey should be treated as such. Providing holistic care that focuses on the balance and well-being of a mama's mind, body and soul is at the center of her practice as a birth worker. Carmen is continuously expanding her knowledge and education to cater to all mamas and their families.


Chasity Cosby

Certified Doula

Chasity Cosby, CD, is a trained, full spectrum doula through Jamaa Birth Village and excited to provide holistc doula care to STL families.

"As your doula my mission is to educate and create a positive and empowering space for your pregnancy and birthing journey."


kimbrian hicks

Certified Doula

Kimbrian Hicks, CD, is a Herbalist, MA, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and a Holistic Full Spectrum Doula through Jamaa Birth Village™. She is currently studying to become a Certified Birth Educator. Kimbrian has a deep passion for holistic and natural healing and she now creates handmade natural and vegan products to help heal those around her. She’s always looking for any opportunity to further her knowledge in all of her fields. As a BIPOC Birth Worker a very important goal of hers is to bring knowledge to all of her mamas. Kimbrian believes the most important form of advocacy is self advocacy. Therefore she will fuel all of her mamas with the knowledge they need, so they may advocate for themselves as well.


Kamara Warner

Certified Doula

Kamara Warner, CD, is a full spectrum doula trained at Jamaa Birth Village™ in May of 2021. In addition to being a doula, Kamara is also a mother to 2 sons and 6 daughters. Due to 3 of her daughters having sickle cell disease, providing a voice and support for those less supported by the world has been a constant in her life for a long time.  Her mission as a doula is to create and support a safe and positive experience while bringing new life into this world. She specializes in empowering families and supporting the birth of your choice through knowledge and holistic care.

Asia Jacobs Doula

asia jacobs

Certified Doula

Asia Jacobs, CD, is a mother, full spectrum doula, an approved provider for perinatal mood anxiety disorder (PMAD), facilitates parenting education and substance use disorder classes. She is nurturing, kind, loveable, and enjoys spending time with family / friends, trying / learning new things and cooking.

Asia received her full spectrum doula certification through Jamaa Birth Village in 2020. Her ultimate goal is to educate mom (parent) about childbirth and help them have a safe, memorable and empowering birth in the most joyous way possible, and to help reduce the infant mortality rate here in St. Louis, MO.