The Milk Bank

Black-Lead Milk Express & Depot

The Milk Bank

Black-Led Milk Express & Depot

Launched in 2023, in partnership with The Milk Bank, Jamaa Birth Village opened the city’s first Black Led Milk Express and Depot Site. Families can now use Jamaa Birth Village as a site to receive or bring their donated milk in efforts to sustain the region's Feed The Babies Project efforts.

The Milk Bank is on a mission to promote community health by expanding the safe use of human milk for all babies, especially premature and ill infants. The Milk Bank impacts the greater Midwest area through the safe collection and distribution of pasteurized human donor breast milk from carefully screened donors throughout the United States.

To receive donor milk, become a donor, or learn more please visit

Babies first food is important. Whether you are planning to exclusively nurse, pump or bottle feed with formula, discussing your plans and goals prior to birth can help with this transition.

Here at Jamaa Birth Village, we operate the Jamaa First Foods program which allows each of our families to meet with a breastfeeding/infant feeding coordinator during pregnancy to help establish nutritional goals, understand breastfeeding anatomy and create an infant feeding goal plan. This is followed by postpartum follow-up visits with a Certified Lactation Consultant to provide ongoing support.

This program helps to close the gap in not only breastfeeding initiation but continuation rates among black people and families by promoting, protecting and supporting breastfeeding.

For more information on our breastfeeding support services, contact us directly.


  • Private 1:1 Infant Feeding Education During Pregnancy to learn more about breastfeeding & set infant feeding goals
  • Postpartum visits as needed with CLC to provide infant feeding support


  • Concerns with Milk Supply
  • Sore or cracked nipples
  • Engorgement and other breast discomfort
  • Helping Baby Latch onto Breast
  • Assistance with pumping breast milk
  • Introducing bottle
  • Supplementing with Formula


There are so many benefits to breastfeeding we couldn't list them all but here are a few:

Contains antibodies to help baby fight off viruses and bacteria.

Lowers risk of obesity and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Lowers risk of certain diseases like high blood pressure, and diabetes in birthing people.