Midwifery Care

Prenatal & Postpartum midwifery Care

Having a baby? Jamaa provides comforting and attentive Midwifery care in pregnancy and postpartum together with skilled doula support during birth.

Our midwives provide the foundation you need for a healthy hospital birth with expert and culturally based prenatal & postpartum care. Our unique model of childbirth education, nutrition, bodywork, and doula care ensure you have all the support you need.

Jamaa Birth Village currently offers holistic prenatal and postpartum care for pregnant people delivering at St. Louis area hospitals and will begin accepting new patients June 2023.

We are not currently accepting new home birth clients.

prenatal care with a midwife

Prenatal & Postpartum Care with Jamaa includes:

  • Comprehensive 45-60 minute visits with your midwife in pregnancy & postpartum
  • A birth doula customized for your birth & postpartum needs
  • Childbirth & nutrition classes customized to fit your needs
  • Care with holistic body workers (massage & chiropractic)
  • Newborn feeding support with our lactation specialist
  • Access to our mental health counselors, herbal apothecary, organic community garden, and so much more!

preconception care

Jamaa Midwives offer preconception appointments where we learn more about you, your health history and wellness goals in planning your future pregnancy. Preconception care includes an individualized client-led plan including nutrition, exercise, herbal and vitamin supplements recommended for preparing your body and womb for a successful and healthy pregnancy. Holistic care services are available a la carte to support your body during the pre-conception phase, including:

  • Heat & Crystal Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Sauna Therapy
  • Yoni Steam Therapy

prenatal care

  • 45-60 minute Prenatal care appointments on the standard prenatal care schedule (Monthly-28 weeks, Bi-weekly -36 weeks, Weekly - delivery. (Or more often as needed.)
  • Routine maternal and fetal monitoring through both traditional and modern options (example: utilizing the fetoscope or pinard horn for fetal heart tones vs. the fetal doppler which emits low grade ultrasound waves)
  • Holistic management of minor pregnancy and postpartum complications
  • Routine and sometimes non-routine labs & ultrasounds and the interpretation of them
  • Access to Jamaa's expert holistic therapy team
  • Prenatal care includes access to Childbirth Education classes, Jamaa Birth Village's Herbal Apothecary, Organic Community Garden, Holistic Spa Therapy services and mother baby closet (free diapers, wipes and more).

postpartum care

  • 24-7 accessibility for urgent needs
  • Virtual and in-person care visits at 24-hours, Day 3, Day 7, weekly through week 4, and bi-weekly through week 12
  • *Appointments offered in-home the first 2-weeks and in-office appointments offered weeks 3-12
  • Postpartum mood disorder screening
  • 40-Day postpartum healing ceremonies and nutritional therapy support
  • Holistic therapy for low-risk postpartum complications, co-collaboration with physicians for high-risk complications
  • Well woman visit and Pap smear at the completion of care
  • Pelvic floor therapy on-site if needed
  • Home Birth Delivery Options with Jamaa Partner Midwives
  • Hospital & Birth Center Center supported delivery with a Jamaa Doula

well-baby care

  • Well-baby exams for the first 6-8 weeks of life integrated with postpartum care for birthing parent
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Daily-weekly weight-checks, if needed
  • Hearing Screening

Care at Jamaa's Equal Access Midwifery Clinic

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