Midwifery Care

Having a baby? Jamaa provides comforting and attentive Midwifery care in pregnancy and postpartum together with skilled doula support during birth.

Our midwives provide the foundation you need for a healthy hospital birth with expert and culturally safe prenatal & postpartum care. Our unique model of childbirth education, nutrition, bodywork, and doula care ensure you have all the support you need.

Prenatal & Postpartum Care with Jamaa includes:

  • 12 prenatal visits and 6 postpartum visits with your midwife
  • A birth doula customized for your birth & postpartum needs
  • Childbirth & nutrition classes customized to fit your needs
  • Care with holistic body workers (massage & chiropractic)
  • Newborn feeding support with our lactation specialist
  • Access to our organic community garden, herbal apothecary and so much more!
prenatal care with a midwife

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