Tru's Community Doula Training©

Become a Doula at our virtual and in-person Spring Doula Training Course June 18-21, 2021 with award winning Doula, Midwife & trailblazer, Brittany "Tru" Kellman.

This training is apart of the "STL 360 Doula Initiative" for future St. Louis Doulas. If you live outside of St. Louis or abroad, this training is for you too!

Are you ready to provide cultural and evidence based care to your community, offering solutions to our maternal-infant health care crisis?

Are you ready to learn ancient and modern cultural traditions & ceremonies that were created for the overall spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being of an expectant family?

St Louis doula training program

Are you ready to be a bada** Doula!?

If so, this is the training that you need and we're ready to take those first steps with you into becoming a Doula.

Doulas who attend Tru's training are well versed in:

  • Pre-conception wellness
  • Prenatal Care and wellness
  • Labor & Delivery support, comfort, advocacy, and the clear understanding of informed choice for their clients
  • Postpartum wellness for mama, baby and family
  • The foundation and application of cultural ceremonies and traditions from varying ethnic backgrounds, making them an asset to families from abroad, including the ability to serve diverse families with varying religious faiths
  • Business Sense and community enhancement
  • Individual and personal celebration, self-care inner-outer wellness
brittany tru kellman midwife

Still curious about what a Doula is?

A Doula is a professional pregnancy and labor support person and are experts at uplifting and honoring women through the process of labor and birth, while supporting them into the transition of the immediate postpartum and rites of passage of motherhood.

They support physiologic normal birth, high risk pregnancies and attend births in all settings. Doulas are not healthcare providers and do not provide clinical services. They are trained to provide cultural, physical, and emotional supportive care and education.

Tru's Community Doula Training© is hosted by Jamaa Birth Village, created & certified through BTK Consulting Firm© and taught by Doula facilitator Brittany Tru Kellman and her team.

Doula Training Cost

EARLY BIRD: $850 through March 1st

LATER BIRD: $900 through May 15th

REGULAR: $1100 June 14th

​We offer the following doula certifications: Pre-Conception, Pregnancy, Labor & Postpartum Doula.

Future Summer training dates: July 16-19, August 21-23, September 17-20

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Friday I walked into my first day of Doula certification training not knowing what to expect. We graduated yesterday, and today I am having withdrawal symptoms. I miss being surrounded by their love. I miss seeing the happiness and sadness on their beautiful faces. I miss hearing their personal struggles. I missed how the room naturally filled with love. I miss those warm hugs. I miss the loudness. I miss how Ms. Tru looked at us with pride. I miss how they loved & respected me. I miss all of those strangers that became my tribe.

- New Doula Sharon
jamaa doula training

I’m on cloud nine right now I can’t even fall to sleep you’re an amazing inspirational instructor can’t wait to do more work with you’re so dope BOSS!!!!!

- Micai

Excited to be able to serve my community in a great way! Thank you Brittany Tru Kellman for an incredible training.

- Kilah Lawson