Black Maternal health Residency™ Program

at the esteemed Jamaa Birth Village

What is the Black Maternal Health Residency™ Program?

The BMH Residency at the award winning highly esteemed Jamaa Birth Village- is a groundbreaking 1-year elevation program for St. Louis area and global birth workers and holistic care providers. This hybrid residency takes place in-person in the historic community of Ferguson at the Jamaa Birth Village headquarters and aims to advance knowledge, wisdom and skill in 7-core areas of Black Maternal Health, advancing area leaders in carrying the torch in health equity for generations to come.

Residents will benefit from having a private or shared office at Jamaa Birth Village's HQ location to offer care services to both Jamaa's clients as well as their private clients during the residency for in-person practicum and clinical experience, training and transformation.

Created and led by Missouri Black Maternal Health Pioneer Okunsola M. Amadou, future residents can expect to gain and further their expertise in the following 7-core areas:

  1. Global Black Maternal Health
  2. Policy, Legislation and Advocacy
  3. Research and Data Strategies
  4. Black Maternal Health & Midwifery Models of Care
  5. Community Care & Hospital Care
  6. Foundations of Client Led Care
  7. BMH Strategies & Leadership

Who would be a great fit for the BMH Residency™ Program at Jamaa Birth Village? 

  • Midwives (TM, CPM, CNM, CM)
  • Student Midwives
  • Certified Doulas
  • Birth Companions
  • Breastfeeding Professionals
  • CHW's
  • Perinatal Massage Therapists
  • Perinatal Chiropractors
  • Mental Health Care Professionals
  • Public Health Professionals
  • OB's
  • OB Nurses
  • Pediatric Nurses
  • Maternal Health Advocates

What's included in the BMH Residency™ Program?

  • Private online learning platform with guided courses, projects and modules for advancement, growth and elevation.
  • Private or shared office at Jamaa Birth Village's HQ location in Ferguson, MO including access to the clerical team for scheduling and administrative support, fully equipped offices for both medical and holistic care providers, healing and holistic and spa therapy rooms for self-care and more.
  • Access to over 4,000 sq. ft of office, clinical & meeting space to offer private classes and to participate in continuing education.
  • Residency profile added to our website and social media page for career elevation.
  • Business services added to Jamaa Birth Village's Brochure & flyers widely circulated throughout region and nation.
  • Opportunity to attend health fairs, festivals & high-level networking events to amplify services.
  • BMH Residency™ Certificate of Completion and endorsement post graduation.

Additional details on what's included with the acceptance into the program will be provided during the interview and upon acceptance.

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Ready to begin your Black Maternal Health Residency™ Journey?

Here are your next steps>>>> Click the appropriate link below to apply.  Applications are open from February 1-February 28, 2024, with rolling interviews throughout the month. Decisions for the first BMH Residency™ cohort will take place in March, with the program officially beginning April 2024.



  • Private office hybrid option-$400/month tuition
  • Shared office hybrid option-$300/month tuition
  • Online Only-$200/month tuition
  • 24-hour weekly time investment consisting of on the ground community based BMH work, coursework and project completion
  • Quarterly in-person meetings in Ferguson

Still curious about what a Black maternal health professional is?

Black Maternal Health leaders and professionals are on the forefront of the change movement to better birthing outcomes for Black birthing families worldwide. BMH leaders and professionals are advanced professionals who may also be clinical providers- whom have a goal in working within the system and in the community to advance long-term and sustainable change.

If you're passionate, committed and dedicated to the work of advancing health equity, eliminating health disparities and growing models of care that protect, provide care for and elevate the well-being of Black people across the diaspora, then the BMH Residency™ program is for you.

Okunsola's experience in Black Maternal Health

Okunsola is a 15x award winning Black Maternal Health Professional who elevated her own life from a single-teen mom, escaping domestic violence and a health care system in shambles, to becoming her states 1st Black Certified Professional Midwife, to creating Missouri's first Black led Midwifery clinic with with a comprehensive wrap around Equal Access Midwifery Clinic model. She has trained 400+ doulas, over 780 health care professionals and served over 1,000 families in 9-years since launching the Jamaa Birth Village. 

A graduate of the Midwives College of Utah, she receied the Alumni of the Year Award, just 1-year post graduation for her role in the advancement of Black Maternal Health and Black Midwives & Doulas globally.

Required Course Prerequisites

The BMH Residency™ is an advanced course. Prior requirements include the completion of Jamaa Birth Village's™ doula training, and/or a license or certificate as a maternal or holistic health provider.

Hybrid Residents

BMH Residents™ will have access to an online community where coursework, project assignments and virtual meetings will take place as well as in-person office space. It is a requirement to have access to a personal computer or laptop, having access to regular and consistent wifi.

Online Only Residents

BMH Residents™ enrolled in the online only program will have access to an online community where coursework, project assignments and virtual meetings will take place. Quarterly in-person meetings will take place and are encouraged. 


The lead instructor for the BMH Residency™ program is Okunsola M. Amadou, supported by guest instructors-Elder & Grand Midwives and long-term BMH Professionals.


A 2-Year BMH Residency™ certificate of completion will be provided at the end of the program, with an option to become a permanent care provider at Jamaa Birth Village's HQ or Birth Center & PP Retreat Haven.


Continued education and a profile of activity within the 7-core areas of the BMH Residency™ Program is required to re-certify.

Approved continued education options will be provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Friday I walked into my first day of Doula certification training not knowing what to expect. We graduated yesterday, and today I am having withdrawal symptoms. I miss being surrounded by their love. I miss seeing the happiness and sadness on their beautiful faces. I miss hearing their personal struggles. I missed how the room naturally filled with love. I miss those warm hugs. I miss the loudness. I miss how Ms. Tru looked at us with pride. I miss how they loved & respected me. I miss all of those strangers that became my tribe.

- New Doula Sharon
jamaa birth doula workshop

I’m on cloud nine right now I can’t even fall to sleep you’re an amazing inspirational instructor can’t wait to do more work with you’re so dope BOSS!!!!!

- Micai

I took Jamaa's doula class. It was life changing for me and so many other people that were in our class. Thank you Okunsola, you are amazing."

- Kimberly Winston