Birth Doula Care

What is a Jamaa Birth Village Doula?

The Jamaa Birth Village Doula Team includes highly trained, skilled childbirth professionals who are experts in culturally-led maternity care. Our Doulas provide emotional and physical support, educational and advocacy guidance, and supported navigation through the entire childbirth process. They work together with our midwifery team or your current provider to provide continuous maternal care.

Jamaa Birth Village offers extensive access to additional Doula support outside of our core Doula team through our initiative, the St. Louis Doulas of Color Collective. If you are not a Jamaa Birth Village Midwifery care client, you can still work with our Doulas or the St. Louis Doulas of Color Collective members for your birth! We support all pregnancies, both medicated and unmedicated, and both in the hospital and outside of the hospital.

How can our doulas improve your pregnancy and birth outcomes?

Jamaa Birth Doulas are committed improving birth outcomes for expecting families. "Studies suggest that increased access to doula care can improve a range of health outcomes for mothers and babies, lower healthcare costs, reduce c-sections (cesarean sections), decrease maternal anxiety and depression, and help improve communication between low-income, racially/ethnically diverse pregnant women and their health care providers." (March of Dimes, 2019)

Want doula care? Here's how it works:


Schedule your first consultation with our Doula team*.


Interview a few of our doulas to find the right match for your family.


Your doula will join you at your place of birth (plus visits in pregnancy and postpartum).

Doula care is available on a sliding scale or pro-bono for those impacted by COVID. To determine Doula care costs and to schedule your first appointment, please book a Doula consultation below.

St Louis doula training program