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Jamaa Birth Village is St. Louis's only Non-Profit Midwifery and Doula organization. Want to create change by supporting our programs, services and families? We hope so because we can't do this life changing work without you. 

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Adopt A Room Campaign Success

Together between May 29th & June 4th, supporters, friends and clients helped us at Jamaa Birth Village reach our campaign goal of adopting all 24-rooms in our new Midwifery Clinic in Ferguson, MO. 309 people came together and raised a total of $39,381 which surpassed our original goal of $32,315, placing our campaign success at 121%! Jamaa's Equal Access Midwifery Clinic will host a virtual grand opening on Juneteenth this year, which falls on June 19th. Save the date!


Jamaa Campaign Success

Together the community and Jamaa Birth Village have successfully adopted all 24-rooms at their new Midwifery Clinic.


Thank you to all of our supporters who adopted and co-adopted a room:

Front Door Entrance- Sara D. Anderson

Welcoming Area- Oak Grove Midwifery

Client Refreshment & Nourishment Area- Whompton Family

Breastfeeding Room- Sarah Weitzel

Bathroom #1- Charlie Blake

Baby Changing Area- Pahnelopie McKenzie

Bathroom #2- A Red Circle & Emily Stuart

Main Hallway- Jamari White & Beloved Community

Midwifery Care Room-The Otey & Myton Family

Mother-Baby Essentials Room- Stacy & Bryan Berry of Yoga Pipeline

Children's Play Room-Lumen Atalaya Valente

Nutrition Classroom & Meeting Space- Tyo Birth Care

Herbal Apothecary & Waiting Area- Kelly Caul

Lab Room- Friday Club

Doula & Lactation Room- It Takes A Village

Mental Health Therapy Room- Yoga Buzz

Holistic Therapy/Spa Room- Dr. Laurie Punch

Massage Therapy & Chiro Room- Mark Poe

Many supporters adopted the:

Reception Area

Shared Office Space

Midwifery Exam Room

Leadership Office

Laundry Room

Staff Room


We are grateful for all of your support. Donations are always accepted and will continue to support our team in providing expert culturally based Midwifery care to our community.


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Notes from our donors...

"In honor of you, your mothers, grandmothers and ancestors on Juneteenth! Keep up the good work!"

- Victoria Hudson

"Thank you for creating this space for families. God Bless."

- Bap Nguyen

"You are providing such a vital service. I have nothing but respect for your staff and your mission."

- Sabina Durakovic

"This white woman from California is honored to celebrate your life-giving work in Ferguson. I applaud and support you today and always. THANK YOU!"

- E. Zok

"Hi! I’m a black woman and a mother of a 2 year old boy. Your work is so important and I stand with you 100%."

- Renee Rodriguez

"I made clay earrings and sold them SO quickly - all to support your beautiful, highly needed work. Thank you for everything you do for St. Louis."

- Savanna Oneal