Counseling & Peer Support

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Our team of counselors and community-based peer support groups offer the mental health support you need in pregnancy and as parents.

The early days, weeks and months of motherhood can be both joyful and overwhelming. Sharing the ups and downs with one another is the best way to heal and grow. Jamaa Birth Village has provides two great options to help you do just that.

Mental & emotional health care at Jamaa is two-fold including expert level Mental Health clinicians and free peer based mom to mom support.

On-Site & Virtual Mental Health Counseling

Maybe some days you have great support, you feel like you can do it all, care for yourself & family, even make dinner and go out and enjoy life a bit. Maybe some days more than others, it feels like the world is crashing down with feelings of overwhelm and hopelessness, without the ability to carry out day to day tasks or to engage in things that typically bring you joy. Feelings like this can be some of the first signs of baby blues or a PMAD, which stands for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders.

PMADs are the most common complication of pregnancy and include depression during pregnancy, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorders and postpartum depression (also called PPD), among others. PMAD's can show up during pregnancy and the first 2-years postpartum.

Black women are effected with PMAD's at a much higher rate than white women, and many times, cases of PMAD's are often underreported by Black women due to many social factors and barriers. We are here to make sure that you are honored, heard, listened to, acknowledged and cared for during every stage of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. We are here to support you with your emotional and mental wellness and to prevent these issues if they haven't shown up yet.

How does mental health care and support work at Jamaa?

If you're a current Doula care client at Jamaa Birth Village, mental-emotional health care with one of our expert counselors are apart of your care package. Our team will work with you in scheduling your first care appointment after your first visit. You can choose to opt-out at anytime.

If you're not a current client of Jamaa Birth Village, and interested in exploring your options with one of our counselors, please contact us directly for availability and scheduling options.

Virtual Peer to Peer Matching

Jamaa Birth Village has an extended family of pregnant and postpartum moms and dads. During your care at Jamaa Birth Village, we'll connect you with a Jamaa peer person for support during the perinatal period.

Together with your peer person you can talk about: Caring for yourself and your family, Family sleep and transitions, motherhood/fatherhood, perinatal nutrition, identifying your village of support with friends and family, newborn and sibling transition, baby wearing and attachment parenting, the uniqueness of the family unit, healthy boundaries, normal and not so normal postpartum feelings and so much more.



Every 2nd Wednesday from 7-8pm, join dads at Jamaa Birth Village for our father support group led by Jamaa dad Dosia. No need to register, just show up or contact Dosia via DM for more details.