Oct 2016: 1st Annual Jamaa Gala

jamaa annual gala

In October of 2016, we celebrated our 1st annual gala! Many of our supporters, friends, and clients came to celebrate with us. The Brian Owens Band played tunes, while we enjoyed appetizers, stories, and gathering together in honor of the work that had started to grow vastly beyond my imagination.

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Jan 2016: The Ferguson Midwifery Clinic Opens

ferguson midwifery clinic (1)

The Midwife supervisor of the day arrived, and next thing you know, the sun was fully up, I had a sign on my backdoor to welcome our new clients, and excitingly, I saw the first car pull into the back parking lot. My heart jumped for joy, and visions of Africa flooded my memory. I just knew that Black pregnant women in my community, one day, would be alright. 

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2013: The seeds of Jamaa

seeds of jamaa

As I said my prayers and songs to the sea, preparing to leave Elmina, Ghana, the place of no return, where my ancestors were kidnapped, stolen and sold and carried to America, I regained one piece of what was lost in that horrible passage to this country, the vision and the gift to go back home, become a Midwife and build a birthing village, just like we had in my ancestral homeland. On the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, in Africa, a Fulani-American Midwife was born. 

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