STL 360 Doula Initiative

In January 2021, Jamaa Birth Village applied and was awarded a 3-year, 1-million dollar grant for the “STL 360 Doula Initiative” in harmony with our initiative the St. Louis Doulas of Color Collective!

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2020: Our Grand Opening

grand opening jamaa

On June 19th, 2020, Jamaa Birth Village, opened its doors to our new home, fully furnished, completely renovated and ready to serve and provide care to families across the St. Louis region. 

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2020: Jamaa Clinic Renovations

jamaa adopt a room renovations (1)

After raising enough funds to purchase our new home, we closed the deal! Renovations began, more donations poured in to pay the contractors, community members came out to help clean, paint and renovate our new 4,000 sq ft facility.

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2019: The Jamaa Fundraiser


On the 67th day of the campaign, Jamaa Birth Village had did it! We made the biggest accomplishment in Black Maternal Health history in the state of Missouri. We raised $71k in 67 days for Missouri’s first Black Midwifery Clinic and future birth center. We raised more than $60k in 60-days.

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2019: Missouri’s 1st Black CPM

2019 Missouri First Black CPM

In April of 2019, I successfully completed my Midwifery education at the Midwives College of Utah, with a full ride scholarship for all 4-years! I later sat for and passed the NARM exam making me the 1st Black Certified Professional Midwife in Missouri!

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Jan 2018: The STL Doulas of Color Collective

STL doulas of color collective

As a part of our relaunch, we also launched the St. Louis Doulas of Color Collective in January 2018. This would be Missouri’s and St. Louis’s first BIPOC Doula collective, led by Black women for all women of color who were considering a path in becoming a Doula or who were trained Doulas.

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Jan 2018: The Jamaa Relaunch

rebirthing the jamaa vision

On Monday January 22nd, 2018, we relaunched our organization and held an open house sharing our renewed mission, vision and name with our community. In Feb 2018 we held our first mom support groups!

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