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a sacred & safe space for expectant women and families in St. Louis!

Jamaa Birth Village is a 501c3 non-profit Midwifery, Doula & Maternal Health organization located in Ferguson, Missouri and serving the greater St. Louis metro area. Since 2015 we have supported over 400 families with perinatal care. Our goal is to lower the infant and maternal mortality/morbidity rates that are significantly higher for African-American women.


To provide affordable access to Midwives & Doulas of color and Childbirth & Parenting education in the St. Louis region to lower prematurity, maternal-infant morbidity and mortality through a network of health professionals and peers.


African American women are 3 times more likely to die of causes related to pregnancy.

SOLUTION: We provide culturally competent, comprehensive midwifery and doula care through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


African American babies are 2 times more likely to die before their 1st birthday than white babies

SOLUTION: Our Jamaa Succeeds Family Support Program provides social, physical and emotional wellness support for two full years so families can thrive.

Honoring Birth - Empowering Families
Honoring Birth - Empowering Families