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A sacred & safe space for expectant women and families in St. Louis!

Welcome to the Village

A sacred & safe space for expectant women and families in St. Louis!

Jamaa Birth Village provides culturally-congruent traditional Midwifery care for Saint Louis area families. Our two-year family care model brings together evidence-based Midwifery + Doula Care, Perinatal Mental Health Support, Breastfeeding Education, Holistic Therapies, Childbirth Education, Family Support Services and so much more!

In the past year, Jamaa families have experienced:

Vaginal Births
Full-Term Births
Breastfeeding at Discharge
Maternal-Infant Mortality


Our Goal: $3,000,000!

Help us expand our current model of care from a traditional Midwifery-Doula care practice, to a birthing and postpartum retreat center model. We're purchasing a new location that will provide low-risk birthing people who don't have a support system at home, the opportunity to give birth, rest and heal in a safe & sacred space, while being nourished and cared for by experts in their community who look like them.


HELP US Transform Birth for Black Families in Saint Louis

9 Years of Creating Black Birth Excellence in St.Louis

OUR MISSION: We have supported 1000+ Saint Louis area families since 2015 with affordable, culturally-based maternity and new family care. We seek to lower prematurity, maternal-infant morbidity and mortality through a holistic network of health professionals and peers.


Having a baby? Jamaa provides comforting and attentive Midwifery care in pregnancy and postpartum together with skilled doula support during birth. Accepting new patients in June.


The Jamaa Birth Village Doula Team includes highly trained, skilled childbirth professionals who are experts in culturally-led maternity care.


Jamaa Birth Village's Community Doula Training is funded by the Safer Childbirth Cities Initiative and taught by our experienced staff Doulas.

childbirth education

Jamaa's Childbirth Empowerment & Education© class, is centered on individual body awareness and building confidence & trust for the pregnant person and birth team.


African American women are 3 times more likely to die of causes related to pregnancy.

SOLUTION: We provide culturally competent, comprehensive midwifery and doula care through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

African American babies are 2 times more likely to die before their 1st birthday than white babies.

SOLUTION: Our Jamaa Succeeds Family Support Program provides social, physical and emotional wellness support for two full years so families can thrive.

Less than 2% of our nation’s midwives are Black.

SOLUTION: Our small & mighty staff of midwives and doulas provides Black-led, culturally congruent care to Saint Louis families of color.

Honoring Birth - Empowering Families

Save the dates April 11th-16th for Jamaa’s annual Black Maternal Health Week Celebrations